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Tell us a little about yourself, Who is Yong kesh?
Yong Kesh is an Abuja based Rapper and Engineer, “Kesh” in my Stage name was coined out from my real names Keshi Ifeanyi Prince (Am Not an Igbo Boy), I hail from Delta State. I am the only Male child of a family of 5 with 2 sisters. Like I said earlier I was brought up and bred in the city of Abuja but came into Makurdi, Benue state last 5 Years when I gained admission to study in the University.

Are you a student?
I am a Final year student of the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi Benue state where am currently studying Electrical/ Electronics Engineering.

When did you start doing music and what inspired you?
I first rapped to a Beat in 2009 so I think I would consider that as my starting point, later that year I took it to the booth and made my First studio recording and came out with a song titled “Number One” featuring D’slimz (Now Mattbazz), though that song was Wack AF!!! *rotfl*. I have been a lover of Music since I was Kid, I found solace listening to songs, and while growing up I grew up with Kid’s who had love for Music too so this made me Nurture the Art unknowingly. Talking bout inspiration to do Music, I’ll d give that credit to my day 1 n!gga who is closer than a brother “Wheel Praiz” he made me believe I could do it as a matter of fact, he gave me the first two instrumentals I ever fuxed with as an Artist.

What Genre of Music would you consider your music?
In as much as I will not like to Subject my Kind of music to a particular Genre trying as much as possible to deliver on any Genre that comes my way, I think I feel more comfortable doing Hip-Hop. My next official single “Kabaka” is a song that has no rap on it, I sang 100% and the few ears that has listened to it gave me plaudits for a Job well done. I think I’lld have to make it available online exclusively to TOM, get to listen to Kabaka after the Jump.

DOWNLOAD Yong Kesh – Kabaka

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After Listening to Kabaka i must Say Your Kind Of Music is not what someone can just subject to a particular Genre

Who are/were your musical influences from childhood till this point?
While growing up, I listened to a lot of 9ice, SixfootPlus, Lil Wayne & 2Pac, but now anyone who knows me well knows I draw very great Influence from The Viper himself Vector, Kendrick Lamar, Brymo, Jesse Jagz, Boogey, King LOS, Twista & J-Cole

Word on the street is that you’re good at delivering dope freestyles, What’s your CV on freestyle battles?
When I came to Makurdi, Benue state in 2010, I lived in a place named “Locust Estate”, then, there were lot of Goons who were into this Rap Shii, the Likes of Ziggy Dre & Jay Eye. Every evenings we gathered around and freestyled to different instrumentals, doing this on a daily basis polished my freestyle abilities, I am not trying to blow my horns, though I’v not been involved in any official Rap freestyle battle, but I do it Underground and believe me I do it well.

As an up and coming rapper, how do you access the situation of hip-hop in Nigeria against other more popular genres? What hardships do rappers face while coming up, using yourself as an example?
Thanks to few rap headz, Hip-Hop in Nigeria still got its relevance. The likes of Vector Tha Viper, Modenine, MI Abaga, Boogey, Jesse Jagz, Blaqbonez, Gunzz, High M, just to mention but a few has made Hip-Hop worth listening. The 3 Latter mentioned names are very Dope underground Hip-Hop heads bubbling underground and I hold them in High esteem. It is just so unfortunate for “Hip-Hop” that we live in a Jolly Part of the world where celebration is the order of the Day, everyone wants to Dance therefore making other Genres especially Dance-Hall pave way greatly.

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This makes it difficult for Rappers to outshine Commercial artists & Singers in the industry, greatly giving them a Chase for the Money, Endorsements, Shows, Club & Radio Plays, I consider this a great Challenge and as such I would not blame Hip-Hop rappers denting to the Commercial side of the Art.

But I smell a Change to come from from the generation ahead, as I see Youths who now pick interest in Decyphering Rap lines and Fuxing a lot with Punchlines, Metaphors, Multies, Wordplays etc.

Are you signed under any record label?
Nah!, I am not signed to a Record label yet, though I am currently managed by the body “MakHits Media”.

street gossips talks alot about you working on a track with Vector the Viper, Any word on that? is it True?
*Laughs* I have been a huge of Vector since the days of his “State Of Surprise” album, I have been fuxing with him ever since, I started being just one of his fans but eventually grew to become a Fam. He saw my craze for him on twitter, He followed back on twitter, we DM’d, I got his contact, we got talking I finally got to meet with him in 2013 in a Radio Station (Cool FM) down here in Abuja, ever since then we’ve been very close. There is something in the Pipeline believe me, when it matures y’all gonna know about it. *Smiles*


Any future collaborations? are there artist in the industry you looking forward to get on a track or that you are yet to work with?
I have a song coming up with Reminisce titled “Boiz Dey Para” (Produced by Khambeats), the beat for the song has been Made, we waiting for Baba Hafusa to come through due to his Busy schedules, when errtin is set, y’all gonn know too. If there’s any Artist I am Looking forward and could die to work wif, it would be American rapper, King LOS. I’v got a soft spur for that dude’s style.

You’ve dropped a couple of lovely singles I must confess. With display having that gutsy street feel. How far have you gone with promoting your singles?
One other untold side of me is that aside being a Rapper, I am a blogger and a Promoter as well. Truth be told Is that I am always Lazy promoting my singles knowing fully well I Promote other people’s songs to their satisfaction. In my line of business I am acquainted to Many Bloggers, Promoters, Graphic Designers, DJs, OAPs and Event Organizers, with these people my singles always finds a way to go out there one way or the other without me doing much on them.

Homie, for the records, I love that “Whats Happening” track. with lines like

“…and am so sick but i bury the barz, Cheap Photographer you’re poor with the Shots…”

What inspired you to come up with such Dope and controversial line?
hehe, thanks for the Compliment Sir. “What’s Happening” is my 8th Studio song, and it is one song I know I gave my best take, from the Chorus to the Verses and Finally to the Mix and mastering (Shasout to DJ Loxzy for that). The line “…and Am so sick but I Bury the bars, Cheap Photographer You’r poor with the Shots…” was not a Pre-meditated line, my previous single before “What’s Happening” was a song titled “Bury The Barz” which featured Gang mate SunnyJayy & OAU’s finest rapper Blaqbonez, I think that Song gave birth to that Line. *smiles*

Should we be expecting a music Video For that track or Any other of your music any time soon?
Ermmm… *Scratches Head*, I don’t think there would be a Video for that song, but there would be a “Benue Remix” for the song “What’s Happening” to drop before the year runs out. Talking about Videos, there are couple of unreleased tracks from me that I’lld be giving Visuals to. I urge my Fans to keep their fingers Crossed for em.

What are you working on right now. Is there an album or a mixtape on the way?
I am currently working on a Collaborated project titled “UAMvsERRBODY”. It is an EP Project to feature me and Many other Rappers in my University, going head 2 head against rappers from other Universities. It is one to wait on.

So far in the music industry any award/awards or endorsement deal?
No awards yet, though I see them coming, talking about Endorsements “as I never see Endorsement yet, I decide to Endorse myself”. Hahahaha


Very Funny, so What would you like to add? Any closing remarks or shout-outs?
First of all, I would want to appreciate TOM for having me here, you guys are doing an amazing job, God bless y’all. I thank my Fans and #TeamYongKesh for always being there to support my Music, we are getting there, just Hold on.
I call it Shasout, not Shout-out *Big Grin*, so my Shasout goes to My Family, My Fans, My Bro Wheel Praiz, Jay Eye (360Designs), Maxbilla, SunnyJayy, Behorlah (O2C), DJ Penny, Olaberry and Esther Amanda.

For bookings or enquiries how can your fans reach you?
Email Address: rap2yongkesh@gmail.com
Twitter: @itsYONGKESH
Instagram: @itsYONGKESH
Or Call: 08021351583

Below are couple of songs by Yong Kesh You just Got to check on




DOWNLOAD Yong Kesh – Kabaka Unreleased

DOWNLOAD Yong Kesh – Your Best Rapper Is A Lie Freestyle


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